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Webber Guitars is located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. It's here, in a small but efficient shop, that David Webber builds some of the finest acoustic guitars available anywhere. With the help of Igor, the resident computer controlled router, David is able to produce on average ten guitars a month. With the many models offered and an impressive stockpile of exotic materials, most requests can be accommodated. Below are a few photos of the shop and some of the instruments recently built.

David has been in his present North Vancouver location for 4 years. With access to high quality local materials as well as the more traditional hardwoods, David is exploring some new and unusual combinations.

Left: David with one of his latest forays into new exotic materials

Right: David has designed many of his own jigs, forms, and other processes to meet his particular standards. This batch will receive backs and tops and a sealer coat of finish before being placed on the rack to settle for about a month. In the interim, the next batch is under way.

Left: A group of finished guitars awaits shipment. These have backs and sides of Bigleaf maple and Sapele, a species of mahogany from Africa.

Right: Many operations have now been programmed into Igor, Webber guitars resident computer controlled router. For repetitive operations such as roughing out necks and carving inlays, David programs Igor and sets him to the task.By turning over the carving of tops, necks, and bridges to Igor, David is able to keep up with a growing demand for Webber guitars.

Left: Igor patiently carves out the "W" that will accept Webber's trademark inlay.

Right: Webber OM with Sitka spruce top and Sapele (African Mahogany) back and sides.

Trio left to right: Roundbody with cutaway, OM, and OOO 12 fret.

The usual suspects: left to right: Dreadnaught,Roundbody soft cutaway, OOO 12 fret model, Jumbo soft cutaway, Jumbo, Jumbo soft cutaway.

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