Webber Roundbody

The Webber Roundbody is remarkable and versatile instrument. Embraced by fingerstyle players for its musicality of tone, it also has the volume and projection to satisfy both lead and rhythm guitarists. The front profile of the Roundbody is reminiscent of the graceful hourglass shape of the classic, but with greater width and length to maximize volume, presence, and response. This model is available with either a regular or a soft shouldered cutaway, a feature that many players find to be indispensable. The large but well-balanced response adapts exceptionally well to alternate tunings, maintaining good low-end structure for dropped-bass strings and great clarity in the mid-range and upper end. The Webber Roundbody can enhance nearly any style of music.

Webber Guitars are available in a wide variety of models and materials. The standard features of all Webber Guitars reads like the option lists of other makers: wood binding and purfling, very high quality woods, all solid woods, scalloped and radiused bracing, one piece mahogany neck with dovetailed joint, adjustable truss rod, bound ebony fingerboard, ebony bridge, bone nut and saddle, deluxe hardshell case. Below are many of the models available from Webber Guitars with some of the different options offered. Click the photo for a close-up and more details.

Webber Roundbody Maple Roundbody
with Cutaway
Maple Roundbody
Soft Cutaway
Rosewood Roundbody
with Cutaway
Rosewood Roundbody
with Soft Cutaway

Webber Orchestra Body

The Webber Orchestra guitar is a completely modern, evolutionary extension of a traditional, elegant design. Available in a cutaway version , this is perhaps the single best instrument for the musician who plays a variety of styles. The combination of a perfectly proportioned, medium-depth (4") 000 size body, with a dreadnaught-length scale, and scalloped & radiused bracing results in an exceptional guitar. The Orchestra Body offers sensitivity and balance for the fingerstyle specialist, projection and presence for the flatpicking lead player, and volume and tonal variety for the singer. The cutaway version, with its rounded, low-shoulder cutaway, captures a modern aesthetic but with an elegant appearance that avoids radical design excesses. Jazz and New Acoustic players find that the cutaway model offers all the tools they require--lush tone, superb balance from string to string, incomparable evenness of response up the neck, and effortless access to the highest frets. A cutaway Orchestra Model in a modern combination of materials, such as Western red cedar top and figured maple back and sides, offers a modern look and a virtually unlimited tonal palette--the ideal stage guitar for the musician creating his or her own style. The Webber Orchestra Body is a genuine recording-quality instrument and in the studio can be EQ'd virtually flat--an engineer's dream and professional player's best friend.

Rosewood OM with
Soft Cutaway
Rosewood OM with
Cedar Top
Rosewood OM with
Englemann Spruce Top

Dreadnaught Model

The Webber Dreadnaught is designed with a slightly shallower (4 1/2 " deep) body than the traditional pattern. This results in greater clarity, presence, and enhanced projection, while sacrificing none of the raw volume or earth-rumbling low-end for which this model is justifiably renowned. The Webber dreadnaught is available in a soft shouldered cutaway that offers access to the highest frets for sophisticated lead and chordal work. As a result of these design refinements, Webber dreadnaughts mic and record better than other dreadnaughts. With volume, presence, and toneful response, this instrument is the perfect choice for New Acoustic lead work or to accompany singing. The shallower body, however, doesn't compromise any of the qualities for which the dreadnaught has become famous. These guitars will hold their own against banjos, fiddles, and other instruments in a band setting.

Mahogany Custom
Rosewood Dreadnaught
with soft cutaway
Rosewood Dreadnaught Rosewood 12 string

Webber Jumbo

The Webber Jumbo body is an elegant guitar, that combines the upper bout shape of an OM Style guitar with a large, circular lower bout. This tight-waisted guitar is smaller than most conventional jumbos (16" lower bout), and it's slightly shallower body fits comfortably under the player's arm. With a big, well defined bass response, and a strong mid range this guitar is a great choice for Jazz comping or rhythm accompaniment. This shape is also available with a soft cutaway for easy access to the upper frets.

webber jumbo

Webber Jumbo Soft Cutaway

oo/grand concert

The Webber OO is an essential tool for the fingerstyle player. This is perhaps the best balanced of all steel-string acoustics, with nearly perfect tone and evenness of response. The shorter scale length, 24.9", results in a slightly lower string tension which facilitates challenging chord work up the neck. This model comes standard with a slotted headstock, but is also available with a regular headstock. The combination of the standard 14-fret neck and slotted headstock conveys a traditional appearance while providing the access required by modern fingerstyle guitarists. This is an extremely comfortable guitar to play, with good volume for the size and an accessible and open tone. The Webber OO makes an especially good songwriting guitar, and adapts well to open or alternate tunings.

OO/Grand Concert

000-12 fret model

This elegant model borrows from the traditional 12-fret 000 design, but with aslightly longer and wider body for additional low-end response and enhanced projection across the entire musical range. Fitted with a longer scale (25 1/2"), the Webber 000-12 fret is remarkably versatile. It is a superb choice for any variety of fingerstyle music, blues, ragtime, or jazz, for New Acoustic music, for Celtic lead/rhythm accompaniment, and is the traditional and correct choice for old-time music. This model comes standard with a slotted headstock for a traditional appearance. The 12-fret 000 produces that 'dry,' soulful, vintage sound, with great tonal color and subtlety of response. This guitar invites experimentation and will expand any guitarist's musical vocabulary.

000-12 Fret Model

Webber Classic

The Webber Classic offers the professional concert or jazz player the best of traditional design and modern materials and workmanship. Inspired by a Hauser design, with a modified Bouchet bracing pattern, the Webber Classic provides great balance, exceptional note separation, and unsurpassed musicality of tone. In a classical setting, these guitars will cut through an ensemble or project to the back of a concert hall. In a jazz setting, the Webber Classic excels at solo fingerstyle work or rhythm accompaniment. In a pop music setting, the Webber Classic delivers the transparency of tone necessary for Nashville or Atkins styles.

Webber Classic Classic soft cutaway
with Cedar top

Parlour Guitar

The Webber Parlour Model is reminiscent of the O or Concert model, which was in wide use at the turn of the century. This guitar has an exceptionally sweet tone with surprising volume for such a small box. With the bridge positioned nearly in the center of the top plate, the Webber Parlour Guitar is responsive and rewards the subtlest nuances and variations in playing style. Although not traditionally thought of as a lead guitar, the Webber Parlour Guitar responds beautifully to a flatpick, and is a superb choice as a second or third lead instrument in Irish music. The Parlour Guitar is the traditional choice for old-time music, but is an also excellent choice for any style of music requiring a sensitive response and a delicate musical tone. The Parlour Guitar is available with a solid headstock, or a slotted headstock for a more traditional appearance.

Parlour Guitar

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